About Us

The History of the Cupcakery

When we were first married my wife, Peg, thought this little house on Main Street was really cute. So when it came for sale, she had to have it.

We bought the house in August of 2012 not knowing what we were going to do with it. It was in bad shape, no siding or windows, and the inside was down to the bare studs. At first we thought we would fix it up and rent it as a residence. Not really wanting to be landlords with rental property, a new idea surfaced; perhaps a small unique shop?

Peg was beginning to gain a reputation for making gourmet cupcakes. It all started when she made several different varieties for our daughters’ graduation party. The next year she had several orders for other graduations and special events. We were tired of our home kitchen being used for the all the cupcake creations so we decided to have her new kitchen at the “cute little house on main street.” Since she would be spending her spare time in her cupcake kitchen, she thought why not sell a few cupcakes out front. On October 24th we open the doors for the first time. Peg made 200 cupcakes for the week end and we remember wondering what we were going to do with the leftovers. Much to our surprise, she sold out 45 minutes after she opened the door.

Now here we are today, "living deliciously."