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24 Carat

carrot, pineapple, coconut cake/ cream cheese frosting


Almond Joy

chocolate cake/creamy coconut frosting/Almond/chocolate ganache

Andres Mint

chocolate cake/choc mint buttercream frosting/andres mint


B Banana

banana cake/chocolate buttercream/banana chip

Black Pants

choc olate cake/white buttercream

blueberry Pancakes N´ bacon

pancake blueberry cake/maple buttercream/caramelized bacon/blueberry

Blue Suede

blue velvet cake/cream cheese frosting

Bonfire Chocolate

cake/ganche/graham crackers/toasted marshmellows/hersery bar

Bourbon Southern Pecan

butter pecan cake/butter pecan buttercream/pecan (Available during November and December)


brownie cake/chocolate brownie buttercream/brownie bite

Butter Beer

butterscotch cake filled with butterscotch chip and ganache/butterscotch frosting/butterscotch DRIZZLE


chocolate cake/ butterfinder buttercream/crushed butterfinder


Captain Vanilla

yogurt cake with captain crunch/vanilla buttercream/captain crunch with almond bark

Caramel Apple

chunky apple caramel cake/caramel buttercream frosting/caramel

Cherry Almond

cherry almond cake/vanilla buttercream/cherry

Choc Caramel Kiss

chocolate cake/ chocolate frosting/caramel dolip/caramel kiss

Choc Chimp

chocolate banana cake/vanilla buttercream/chocolate chip/banana chip

Choc chip cookie Dough

chocolate cake/ cookie dough/vanilla cookie dough frosting/chocolate chip cookie

Choc Crème

chocolate cake filled with white filling/ ganache/ swirlfilling

Choc Hazelnut

chocolate cake/hazelnut buttercream

Choc Mashed Potato

chocolate mashed potato cake/chocolate buttercream/chocolate dipped potato chip

Choc Mint

chocolate cake/mint buttercream

Choc Mint Cookie

chocolate mint cookie cake/mint cookie buttercream/chocolate chip

Choc Orange

chocolate orange cake/vanilla orange buttercream/orange zest

Choc Peppermint

chocolate peppermint cake/peppermint buttercream

Choc/Chip Cheese Cake

chocolate cake/ chocolate chip cheesecake/cheese cake buttercream frosting


vanilla cake with chocolate chip/ vanilla buttercream/chocolate chip


chocolate cake/ chocolatefilling/chocolate butter cream frosting


chocolate cake/ chocolate chip/chocolate buttercream/chocolate chip

Chocolate Covered bacon

chocolate cake/chocolate ganache/maple frosting/chocolate covered maple bacon

Chocolate Cherry

chocolate cherry cake/ cherry frosting OR chocolate OR vanilla frosting

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

strawberry cake/fresh diced strawberries/chocolate buttercream frosting

Chocolate Creamy Caramel

chocolate cake infused with cream/carmel vanilla buttercream/toffee bits

Chocolate Dipped Banana

banana cake/chocolate ganache/chocolate buttercream/banana chip

Chocolate Oatmeal

chocolate oatmeal cake/chocolate buttercream/oatmeal/ choc chip

Chocolate Raspberry

chocolate raspberry cake/raspberry buttercream

Chocolate White Chocolate

chocolate cake with choc and white choc chip/vanilla buttercream/chocolate and white chocolate chip

Cinnamon Roll

cinnamon roll cake/cream cheese buttercream/cinnamon caramel swirl

Cocoa Pebbles

cocoa pebble vanilla cake/vanilla buttercream/cocoa pebbles

Cookies N´ Cream

vanilla cake with oreoS/cream cheese frosting/oreo crushed

Cranberry Orange Caramel

cranberry orange cake/caramel buttercream/orange zest

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Dancing Red Dress

red velvet cheesecake/chocolate chip/creamcheese frosting/choc chip

Dirt Cup

chocolate cake/oreo buttercream/crushed oreo/gummy worm

Double Malted

malted milk cake/choc malted milk buttercream/malted milk ball

Dream Sickle Orange

cake/vanilla buttercream/orange slice


Elvis Banana

cake with chocolate chip/peanutbutter frosting/choc chip


First Lady Pink Champagne

cake/pink champagne buttercream


German Chocolate

german choc cake/coconut/pecan frosting


Hot Cocoa

HOT chocolate cake/ chocolate buttercream/marshmellows/chocolate chip




Key Lime

key lime cake/key limefilling/lime buttercream (Available in the summer)

Krispy Bar

crispy vanilla cake/marshmellow buttercream/krispy treat


Lemon Blueberry

lemon cake/blue berries/lemon buttercream frosting/blueberry

Lemon Drop

lemon pudding cake/lemon buttercream frosting/lemon drop (Available in the summer)

Lemon Lime

lemon cake/lime zest buttercream (Available in the summer)


lemonade cake/lemonade frosting (Available in the summer)

lime Lemon

zested lime cake/lemon buttercream (Available in the summer)

Little Red Dress

red velvet cake/cream cheese frosting

Love Rasberry

vanilla cake/rasberry buttercream

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margarita cake/lime zest buttercream (Available in the summer)

Mandarin orange

mandarin orange cake/cream cheese orange frosting

Mexican Chocolate

chocolate cinnamon cake/cinnamon chocolate buttercream/cinnamon

Milk Duddly

chocolate cake/caramel chocolate buttercream frosting/ milk dud

Mississippi Mud

chocolate cake/ marshmellows/choc chip/pecans or walnuts/ganache

Mocha Cappa

chocolate mocha cappa cake/ mocha cappa buttercream frosting

Mom´s Mocha

chocolate mocha cake/chocolate mocha buttercream/chocolate COVERED COFFEE BEAN

Monkey B Banana

cake/banana buttercream/banana chip

Monster Cookie

monster cookie cake/ peanut butter buttercream frosting/peanut butter mm’s

Mudslide Chocolate

kahlua cake/kahlua buttercream

My Bday Funfetti

vanilla cake/vanilla buttercream/sprinkles

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

oatmeal choc chip cake/oatmeal buttercream/oatmeal choc chip cookie

Orange Chocolate Zuchhini

choc orange zucchini cake/chocolate buttercream/ornage zest/choc covered oramge stick


Pancakes And Bacon

pancake cake /maple buttercream/carmelized bacon

Peanut Butter Choc Chip

peanut butter cake with chocolate chip/peanut butter frosting choc chip

Peanut Butter And Jelly

vanilla cake/grape jellyfilling/peanut butter buttercream frosting/grape jelly

Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate cake/peanut butter buttercream frosting/peanut butter cup

Peanut Fluffer

peanut butter cake/peanutbutter marshmellow buttercream/peanuts

Pebbles Fruity Pebbles

cake/vanilla buttercream/fruity pebbles

peppermint Hot Cocoa

chocolate peppermint cake/buttercream hot cocoa frosting/marshmellows/choc chps (Available during November and December)

peppermint Pocha

peppermint mocha cake/peppermint choc buttercream/chocolate covered coffee bean/crushed peppermint (Available during November and December)

Pina Colda

pineapple cake/creamY coconut frosting/pineapple

Pink Lemonade

pink lemonade cake/pink lemonade frosting (Available in the summer)


yellow cake/chocolate buttercream

Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin cake/cream cheese frosting

Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice cake/cream cheese buttercream/cinnamon

Pup Chow

chocolate peanutbuttercake/vanilla buttercream/pup chow

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Red Velvet Dress

red velvet cake/cheese cake/ cheesecake frosting


rootbeer cake/rootbeer cream buttercream



vanilla cake/peanut butter buttercream/salted peanuts

salted Carmel

salted carmel cake/salted carmel buttercream/salted carmel

salted Nut

caramel cake/salted white buttercream OR caramel /peanutS

Samoa Gs

chocolate cake/caramel buttercream/toasted coconut/chocolate/carmel (Available in the spring)


light peanut butter/butterscotch cake/chocolate buttercream/butterscotch chip or scotcheroo treat

Simply Chocolate

chocolate cake/ chocolate buttercream

Simply White

white cake/vanilla buttercream

Skippy Peanut Butter

cake/chocolate buttercream


snickerdoodle cake/vanilla buttercream/snickerdoodle cookie


snickers cake/carmel buttercream/peanuts/chocolate chip

Strawberry Kiwi

strawberry kiwi cake/cream cheese frosting/strawberry

Strawberry Lime

strawberry lime cake/lime buttercream

Strawberry Rhurbarb

strawberry rhurbarb cake/cream cheese strawberry frosting (Available in the spring)

Sweet Potato

sweet potato cake/carmel buttercream/toastedmarshmellows (Available in the fall)


stout chocolate beer cake/dark chocolate buttercream frosting

Strawberry Banana Milkshake

strawberry banana cake/cream cheese frosting/banana CHIP

Strawberry Dream

strawberry cake/ cream cheese frosting

Strawberry Daquiri

strawberry daquiri cake/strawberry daquiri buttercream (Available in the summer)

Strawberry Kiwi

strawberry kiwi cake/ cream cheese frosting /strawberry

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toffee carmel cake/carmel buttercream/toffee/chocolate bits


chocolate or carmel cake/carmel chocolate frosting/carmel/pecans/chocolate chip


Upside Down Pineapple

brown sugar pineapple cake/cherry on bottom/ vanilla buttercream/pineapple


Vanilla Mocha

vanilla cake/chocolate mocha frosting

Vanilla Oreo

vanilla cake with vanilla oreos/oreo buttercream/crushed vanilla oreos

Vanilla Malted Milk

vanilla malted cake/vanilla malted milk buttercream/malted milk ball


White House

white white almond cake/vanilla buttercream/white chocolate chip


white cake/chocolate buttercream




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